Will I Ever Get A Worse Hangover?


Writing this at quarter past midnight on a Monday morning – I am still feeling the effects of Saturday night. It is my own fault and I am the only person to blame – but it doesn’t half hurt. I have croaked out a few links on my radio show and it is up in the æther. Here it is –

Still, what else have I been up to this weekend?

Friday saw me stay in with Kathryn – I thought I would be DJing at RETRO Bar but it turned out to be Punk night – I found out 12 hours before hand and felt a bit … well, used. Still – it is a good source of income and I enjoy working there. Friday also saw the release of Pound Of Dub on the big stores – all except Beatport. Beatport seem to be really difficult to get to work with; we sent it off but as with the last time (for Dub Force) we are delayed in our release.

However, the guy we use for PR (Silk PR) has set himself the challenge of getting us to number one – not improbable as we got to number 2 with our debut.

Saturday was a long lie in – past midday. It was great; nothing to get up for and nothing to worry about. However, we had been tipped of about a local dance in York featuring an artist we hope to be working with in the months, Ras Tinny.

However, right up to the last minute, we were all in a confusion – we even set off to get picked up but ultimately our lift fell through. There is no public transport between York & Harrogate after 10pm (even earlier I believe) so we were reliant on the good nature of friends who drive. However, that ambition was smashed.

So, me and Allan headed out to Major Tom’s and I proceeded to make a bit of a car crash of myself. There was dancing involved and I believe I invited the bar staff to touch my nipples – they politely declined but it was nice of me to offer. After Tom’s closed we moved on to Blues then Montey’s and I got home at three thirty in the morning.

I woke at ten Sunday with the room spinning – turns out I was still drunk. I made my way to Major Tom’s to see Stewart play his records. I really was not in the mood but I had my Harinezumi with me and managed to take a few shots –

Big Band Sunday With Harinezumi

All that was left to do on a Sunday was to try and get home – I nearly fainted my hangover was that bad – however, I made it home and went for a six hour power snooze.

The Bug vs. Dylan Carlson From Earth


The gig I missed – I completely got my dates mixed up.

I am writing this blog post after a Friday night in Leeds – to cut a long story short, I got the dates wrong for a gig featuring my favourite guitarist.

Kathryn has seemed to have come down with a cold lately, feeling feverish and having the sniffles. This did not bode well well for Friday night’s gig: The Bug vs. Dylan Carlson from Earth. Kathryn graciously bowed out and allowed me to take my drinking buddy, Stewart – we caught the expensive train in to Leeds and arrived at Belgrave music Hall & Canteen at 20:10 – we thought there would be plenty of time to see Earth.

When I presented my tickets to the lady on the door – well – I realised that I had my dates mixed up: the gig I had tickets for was on Thursday night! I had missed the gig by 24 hours.

I felt a right tit.

Still, the promoter took pity on us and let us in to see Man Cant Fly – a Kassabian type rock out fit with a really tight rhythm section. The music was of a high quality but I was kicking myself over the fact that I had missed my favourite guitarist promoting his latest album.

Whilst the music was good in the Blegrave, I felt a right tit and had to go downstairs to get another beer. Scoob due-fully obliged and I plied him with (non-alcoholic) beer. I was on the Beavertown Lupoloid and Scoob was on some weird concoction.

We left the Belgrave and went to a few other pubs – one of note was a pub I can’t recollect the name of: it had the original Victorian bar complete with tiles and refurbished copper worktop; Whitlock’s I think it’s name was.

We then went to another pub where I bought my wife a Motörhead beer stein and we caught the train home.

All in all it seems a fairly quite night out – but, I have to say it is one that I needed. I had received some terrible news this morning and I needed a bit of mate time; who better to make you feel better about yourself than Stewart Thornton – he is a rough diamond. It takes a lot of bad news to realise that what you have may seem a burden a lot of the time but to others it is a light load.

I will not go in to the details of the bad news just yet – it is quite personal and I do not want to step on family toes. Let’s just say it has left a mark.

Mother’s Day 2017


It has been a hell of a busy w/e.

On Friday, our debut Dub EP was released on major stores as a download. There are a few teething problems with the Beatport version but I have been assured by State51 Conspiracy that things are going to run smoothly from now on and it should be up there in a bit. I had a lot of fun making the EP and we are well underway for the second, follow up EP.

Saturday was spent walking. I trundled all over town and down to the PO depot – the reason was that I had just been sent a TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 Soundcard. It is a beast of a thing and tiny but quite cute. It is the same size as a metric beef patty. Look at this –

Saturday night was spent in great company trying out the Soundcard and a newly built TRAKTOR F1 MIDI Map. It is based on DJ Endo’s MIDI Monster F1 mapping and has proved a lot of fun. Whilst I had not used the four decks available due to the mapping – it felt like I was strapped on to a rocket riding roughly.

Sunday was Mother’s Day – Kathryn was out walking a Westie/Maltese Cross Terrier so I woke and got fueled on espresso before catching the bus to Ripon to head to Home Farm.

Mum was a bit under the weather due to a very nasty cold and Dad was preparing to go to the rugby. When it was just Mum and me (after Dad went to Leeds – they won) we just sat and enjoyed each other’s company. Something we never really did when I lived at home. It was nice just to sit there and have a natter with the woman who carried me for nine months and still carries me to an extent (misplaced metaphor?).

I managed to bring my camera and hoped to get some images of Mum – however, she refused to have her photo taken. So, I set about trying to see the different textures on the brickwork and stonework on the farmhouse and surrounding buildings. There is a great variety of stuff to see in the microcosm of a lens – here is the album, embedded on my Flickr page:

[rev_slider alias=”mothers-day-2017″]

I also had Kathryn’s LCA in attendance – I will try and post the results from that up here in a few days time when I get the images back.

Whilst at the farm I managed to see Jess, my sister’s black cat. Jess is a bit of an enigma – I never know when she is going to be at home but it is always a pleasure to see her. She is a Speaking Cat – when you say “Hello Jess” she will respond with a ‘Meow’ – quite how this came about, other than a loving Mum in my sister, is lost in the depths of antiquity – Jess is around fifteen or sixteen years old and doing great for her age: in fact – she is the cat that made me warm to Cats. She is a lot of fun and it is a pleasure to share her years with her. Here are two photos of her –


When I arrived back in Harrogate (with a floor lamp I was given on the farm) I found a wife covered head to toe in flour and egg. Kathryn had been making Courgette & Lime Muffins and they taste delicious – she hot-footed it to her folks to spend some time with her mum and Dad (I figure she may need a break from me) and I set about doing my show – below you can listen to the show – it is a lot of fun to do.

Lomo LCA In Major Tom’s


I have just realised I have not written up about the weekends adventures – it is now Tuesday (Pi Day too).

Most of it was spent trying to sleep and failing miserably – then my Douche Flute broke at 02:30 on Sunday morning. I waited out until I was climbing the walls and, yes I admit it, I relapsed and bought some tobacco.

However, as soon as the Douche Flute shop was open I went out and got a new coil to stop me using the tobacco.

Sunday afternoon saw me in Major Tom’s with a host of camera apparatus – that it turns out I cannot use. I figured that as I can shoot digital I would be able to shoot analogue – they are as different as Rugby League and Rugby Union. But, there the sport analogy stops.

Major Tom’s is an independent café, beer bar & pizzeria based in Harrogate. that was established in 2014. They locally source and sell craft beer and real ale, especially dealing with local breweries in Yorkshire. That is all complimented by their famous stone baked pizzas made fresh on site and baked in the trusty pizza oven. Alongside all this they also serve award winning tea and coffee.

They have have gained a local and national reputation for their range of products, venue and customer service. In our first year they were nominated for “best newcomer ” at the Harrogate Hospitality Awards. Since opening they have also been featured in The Guardian, ShortList and are now included in the “Good Beer Guide”.

Food, Drink, Music & Art are their Passion. A laid back hangout with plenty on hand to keep you entertained and an ever changing selection of quality food and drink to tickle your taste buds, a youth club for grown ups if you will! And, I am happy to call it my local.

I had the beaming presence of Simon G. (pro photographer) overlooking me but I was pissed as a fart and could not operate the camera – but, this was a pleasure jaunt not paid work – I figure if a photo worked out then it would be a god send.

It turns out they have not.

I used a variety of films and here are the photos. They were shot on an old Russian Camera called a Lomo LCA – It is my wife’s camera and actually has a manual in the Cyrillic alphabet.

…. but, I wish I could use it. Although, if I wanted to document the event I would have brought my DSLR. I know how to use a DSLR …. Think of these as artists impressions …

Of three films – here is the second (the first had to be posted away as it is B&W) …

…. and then I had another go with another film – the below is the third out of three films I used – there is also a 120 Film that needs processing but that will have to wait as I only took two exposures.